Rara and Ferfer together again

Hi everyone!

Today’s post is going to be dedicated to Sara, one of my besties and former roommate. She and her boyfriend came all the way down from Beijing to see me in Hong Kong. We had so much fun during our two short days together, eating constantly and catching up on life in general.  We haven’t seen each other for about three years, and it was so nice to finally not have to talk through Skype.  Continue reading Rara and Ferfer together again

Getting fancy in Taiwan

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the rather late update. Here is the final post for Taiwan =D. My days in Taiwan were pretty chill, and I mostly just ate and shopped. The weather was pretty horrible during my stay there. I constantly had to carry an umbrella and jacket with me, as it can suddenly get rainy or windy very quickly. But besides that, I enjoyed my time in Taiwan and can’t wait to share my next batch of pictures with you guys =]. Continue reading Getting fancy in Taiwan

Taiwan: Line Convention

Hi everyone,

During my first day in Taipei, my penpal and I decided to attend the Line convention being held at the National Taiwan Science Education Center, a family museum located in the city’s Shilin District. Line is a Japan-based messaging service and they have these adorable stickers with characters that have developed a huge fan base. I thought since I happen to be in Taiwan, I should check this out. Continue reading Taiwan: Line Convention

Before Taiwan, let’s stop by Hong Kong first [food pic heavy post]

Hi everyone!

After a week in Japan, I had planned to stay in Taiwan for a week. But before I flew to Taiwan, I stayed over one night in Hong Kong. The next night, I flew to Taiwan. So what did I do during the day? Eat, eat, and eat some more! Warning, this post is a food pic heavy post. I apologize in advance if this makes you hungry. Continue reading Before Taiwan, let’s stop by Hong Kong first [food pic heavy post]

Bye bye Japan! Until next time…

Hi everyone!

This is my last post about Japan. Overall, I think my experience in Japan has been a good one, minus the tour leader fiasco and the weather. I was also quite bummed that I didn’t get to try Japan’s sushi or ramen. The tour’s line-up of meals didn’t include ramen or sushi, and there wasn’t much free time for me to explore areas on my own. You know what this means? Yes, I will go back to Japan some day and feast on these delights. I also wasn’t able to do some real shopping. I wanted to shop for clothes and accessories and do some hauling, but the tour mostly consisted of sightseeing. However, I thought this trip was a good first exposure to Japan and its culture. I learned a lot of interesting facts on this tour that I probably wouldn’t have if I’d explored Japan on my own. Speaking of learning interesting facts, here are some more tidbits I had learned during this trip: Continue reading Bye bye Japan! Until next time…

Japan, I want to see cherry blossoms…[image/text heavy]

Hi everyone!

On this trip to Japan, I felt like one of my main goals was to see cherry blossoms. So during my next two days in Japan, that was what I looked out for. Unfortunately, I had arrived in Japan about a week after its peak season. Also, during most of my stay in Japan, the weather was quite horrible. It was rainy, foggy, and cold. However, this did not stop me from experiencing some sort of mild allergies. I don’t usually get allergies but with all the pollen from the cherry blossoms, I experienced some mild allergies for the first time in a long time. But regardless of the bad weather and allergies, I got to see my cherry blossoms.

During the bus rides, the tour guide gave us some insights into some Japanese cultures/ways of life that I never knew before and thought I should share them with you here. Disclaimer, these insights came from the tour guide and are not hard core facts. I’m just relaying what I heard and learned =]. There are also some stories from my personal experience.  Continue reading Japan, I want to see cherry blossoms…[image/text heavy]

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