Hi there! Before I start rambling about myself (hey, you’re in my About page, what did you expect?), I just want to say thanks for visiting my blog :). It really does mean a lot to me (and it does help encourage my self love). Now that I’m all sentimental, I can start dazzling you with my wonderful personality!

Just kidding…

I’m going to keep this super short and sweet: My name is Jennifer and I’m a fashion enthusiast. I’m in no way a professional (whatever that means) nor do I think I’m incredibly hip (do people even say “hip” anymore?). I’ve just always been excited and passionate about art and design, and I love keeping myself up to date with the latest trends. I’m constantly inspired by other fashion bloggers in the space and thought I would share my fashion and beauty thoughts here (if anyone even cares…oh wait! you do <3 –thanks again).

I’m currently working full-time in the tech space in San Francisco, so I blog during my free time (you’ll sometimes see periods of hiatus…now you know why). I also have to say a big thank you to my two friends who also work behind the scenes for fvryeung: Amy (web master) and Sarah (photographer).

Shoot, this turned out longer than I thought. Anyway, thanks for visiting!

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