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Before Taiwan, let’s stop by Hong Kong first [food pic heavy post]

Hi everyone!

After a week in Japan, I had planned to stay in Taiwan for a week. But before I flew to Taiwan, I stayed over one night in Hong Kong. The next night, I flew to Taiwan. So what did I do during the day? Eat, eat, and eat some more! Warning, this post is a food pic heavy post. I apologize in advance if this makes you hungry.

Now let’s get to the good stuff. My dinner that night in Hong Kong consisted of these delightful foods. It was so satisfying that I ate at this restaurant as my last meal before I left Hong Kong and flew back to San Francisco. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the name of this restaurant =.=. The best part of the meal was the xiao long bao.

After dinner we went to get dessert nearby. My aunt and I both had almond soup but I added tofu to mine, and my uncle had the walnut soup. 

Then the next morning, I had my favorite kind of breakfast at Congee Wonderland  知粥嘗樂 in Fortress Hill. I also had this again as my one of my last breakfasts before I left Hong Kong for SF. No narration necessary. Then I went to check out the Forever 21 in Causeway. I got a few pieces that I will eventually showcase on the blog, so look out for that =]. The HK Forever 21 is honestly no different from the one in the states. I didn’t get to check out the F21 in Osaka when I spotted it, but looking from the outside, they have the same things we have here. Speaking of shopping, I did some shopping at the Kansai airport. I’ve always been a fan of Jill Stuart’s makeup so I got myself some goodies. If you guys are interested in a review of these products, let me know! I got one of their lip blossom lipsticks in 12 mandevilla dress, a jelly eye color in 10 vintage decor, and their fruity lip balm in 01. So far I’m loving them! Anyway, back to my day in Hong Kong. We went to Hysan Place in Causeway Bay and I simply loved their bathroom design. The blue and red lights indicate whether the stall is vacant or occupied. The whole design of the bathroom felt very modern to me and super clean. That’s most important. 

After leaving Hysan Place, we walked around Beverly Island and eventually ended up at the World Trade Center. There, I spotted these really interesting figures. I don’t know where they’re from but look! It’s an elephant with a mustache! I think that warrants a picture =P. 

My relatives and I decided to try this Japanese restaurant inside the WTC. We ordered so much, I don’t know how we managed to finish it. 

After lunch, we walked to Windsor, where there was a Hello Kitty limited shop! I didn’t do any shopping but that didn’t stop me from taking some pics with the incredibly cute hello kitties. 

As I needed to fly out to Taiwan that night, I went home to pack my bags and dropped it off early at IFC. We also walked around for awhile before I headed to the airport.

While walking around, I saw a poster for a live action movie of Kiki’s Delivery Service! Kiki’s Delivery Service is one of my favorite movies, if not THE favorite, from Mizayaki. I hope the live action movie is on par with the anime movie. 

As I headed out to the airport, I took the airport express MTR. I just wanted to show you something cool on the train. As you can see there is a screen with a video playing, but there aren’t any sounds coming out (for obvious reasons). But if you turn the volume knob from the seat in front of you, you can hear the sound come out of your headrest. I don’t think people actually use this feature, but the fact that there is this option is pretty awesome. 

There are also light indications that show how far/close we are to the international airport. 

I took EVA Air to Taiwan that night and I happened to ride on the Hello Kitty plane! Woot! Everything was adorable. Thanks for reading!  See ya’ll next time when I post about my chillaxing time in Taiwan!


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