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Bye bye Japan! Until next time…

Hi everyone!

This is my last post about Japan. Overall, I think my experience in Japan has been a good one, minus the tour leader fiasco and the weather. I was also quite bummed that I didn’t get to try Japan’s sushi or ramen. The tour’s line-up of meals didn’t include ramen or sushi, and there wasn’t much free time for me to explore areas on my own. You know what this means? Yes, I will go back to Japan some day and feast on these delights. I also wasn’t able to do some real shopping. I wanted to shop for clothes and accessories and do some hauling, but the tour mostly consisted of sightseeing. However, I thought this trip was a good first exposure to Japan and its culture. I learned a lot of interesting facts on this tour that I probably wouldn’t have if I’d explored Japan on my own. Speaking of learning interesting facts, here are some more tidbits I had learned during this trip:

  • In Japan, cars’ license plates will have either one of three colors: yellow, white, or green. The yellow license plates are given to compact cars while white license plates are given to medium sized/regular sized cars. The green license plates are given to commercial vehicles like buses or taxis.
  • Most places in Japan don’t accept credit cards, except for places like huge department stores when you’re buying large priced items. But what I was most shocked about was the fact that you have to pay for your hotel fees in cash. The tour guide told us that when we’re doing our sightseeing and activities, he would be going to convenient stores to take out cash from the atm machine. You can only take out about $50,000yen (a little less than $500USD) at a time. So for the tour guide to pay for all 25 tourists’ hotels, he had to make several trips to the atm machines to take out all that cash.
  • In the past, only men got to go up Mt. Fuji. It used to be called men’s mountain.
  • The best time to shop in Japan is in January and July. January because it’s the new year and July because there’s a national holiday–so these two months will have lots of sales
  • In Japan, when couples go out and date, they usually always split the bill.
  • When buying a house/apartment, the man buys the house and the women buys all the furniture. When divorcing, the ownership is structured that way as well.
  • Japan built the subway/trains in 1964 due to the Olympics.
  • Weird topic, but the tour guide also talked about popular suicide spots in Japan. There are top three suicide spots in Japan. The first is Mt. Fuji, because most Japanese people believe the mountain is a representation of the people. The next option is to jump in front of a train. And number three is jumping off a building.

Now, on to the pictures! =D

Kinkaku-ji, a Zen Buddhist temple in Kyoto, Japan

This Golden Pavilion was such a beauty

People pray at the end of the trail at the Golden Pavilion
They are famous for their matcha soft serve as well

Seemingly harmless

Looks like a field trip for these students
Entering the Todai-ji Temple
I couldn’t resist these…so cuuuuute! Brought them back for souvenirs for friends/family.

My friend and I lit incense when we arrived at the top
Students crawled through this wooden pole for good luck

A couple came here to take wedding photos…I don’t know if it’s a great idea to tempt those deer
Those deer can be dangerous….lol
Got to try kobe beef =3
Found a Mister Donut shop in Osaka =D
At Shin Sai Bashi-Suji–an area full of shops in Osaka
So cute, although I didn’t get to try
Three stories of Hello Kitty goodness

On our last night in Japan, we got to choose where to eat (as opposed to having it set for us). We ate at this delicious, fast-food style udon place.
So yummy and relatively cheap
My dish. You choose the base, and then choose topics. I had an egg and two tempura shrimps.
Night view from my hotel room on my last night in Japan. This is Osaka.
Kansai airport
As I was heading towards my gate, I couldn’t help but purchase these two KitKats…Sakura Matcha and Red Beans

Thanks for reading everyone!! The next post will be about my one day in Hong Kong, before I flew off to Taiwan for the week! Until then! Stay tuned!

Love, Jenn

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