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Getting fancy in Taiwan

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the rather late update. Here is the final post for Taiwan =D. My days in Taiwan were pretty chill, and I mostly just ate and shopped. The weather was pretty horrible during my stay there. I constantly had to carry an umbrella and jacket with me, as it can suddenly get rainy or windy very quickly. But besides that, I enjoyed my time in Taiwan and can’t wait to share my next batch of pictures with you guys =].The third morning in Taiwan, my uncle went out and got breakfast for us (so we didn’t have to wait in line). Unfortunately, I have no idea where or what this place is but the breakfast was delicious.

In the afternoon, my uncle hand wrapped potstickers and panfried them for lunch.

It was the perfect lunch for a super rainy day. Because it was pouring rain that day, I just stayed at my uncle’s apartment and read my book (World War Z) and facetimed the boyfriend. That night, we also stayed inside and ate at home. Then we watched some movies that were playing on TV. It was the chillest of all days =].

The next day for lunch, my relatives and I went to this all you can eat hot pot place.

It was absolutely delicious. Here are some pics from that lunch. Because it was all you can eat, I stopped taking pictures after the first serving hehe. They offer all you can eat Haagen-Daz ice cream as well! Honestly, I would love any place with all you can eat Haagen-Daz ice cream.


After lunch, my cousin and I went shopping on our own. We walked around Wu Fun Pu at first but couldn’t find anything that we liked, so we went to Ximending 西門町.

After walking around for awhile, we decided to take a rest at this tea room called Hanlin Tea Room. Look at the size of my milk tea! =O My milk tea had both boba and sago and is called the Panda Bear. It was delicious, but I couldn’t finish my milk tea.

The next day, my cousin brought me to this cute little cafe place in 台北市大安區敦化南路一段295巷10號1樓. They don’t have a website but they do have a facebook page with pictures.

They offer many cupcakes in a variety of flavors and sizes. I had so many I wanted to try, especially the earl gray and matcha, but I ended up getting the strawberry shortcake. It was so goooood. But more on that later…

Many Taiwan restaurants or small cafes have these baskets for you to put your purse. How considerate!

The set meal my cousin and I ordered comes with a soup, entree, drink, and either one big cupcake or three tiny cupcakes.

I ordered their peach iced tea (super yummy) and my cousin ordered a banana chocolate iced coffee drink (also super yummy).

I ordered a bow tie pasta and my cousin got a risotto.

Here’s my strawberry shortcake cupcake! So pretty and of course, delicious! I had a hard time choosing either the three mini cupcakes or one regular sized one. At the end, I just couldn’t resist this one.

The inside has a jam-like center and the bottom has a graham cracker layer. SO GOOD.

I also took one last selfie…with my long hair…because…

That day, I decided to cut my hair! My hair was almost waist length before, and now, it’s resting right on my shoulders.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take a good selfie on that day, but you will see the hair change in my next post :).

On my last full day in Taiwan, my cousin and I went to Sogo to eat lunch and shop. We came across this beauty counter that displayed Les Merveilleuses Laduree makeup products. I’ve never encountered this brand before, but I do know that Laduree is famous for its macarons. I just never knew they did makeup as well.

According to their website, Les Merveilleuses Laduree makeup is “especially created for women who enjoy being women, and who value something that enchants them not reasonably but intrinsically.” They also “propose ‘unexpected’ beauty beyond the ordinary concept of cosmetics to women who pursue new forms of beauty.” You can check out their website for a list of their products and such.


Their designs are all so adorable! Look at this blush! The blush powder is infused in these rose petals.

I didn’t end up buying any of their makeup products (mostly because it was too expensive. I was only carrying cash and I didn’t have enough lol), but my cousin bought one of their blush bases and she said it was really great.

After that, we went to eat our ramen! I had told her that I didn’t get a chance to eat ramen in Japan, so she took me here to get some good ramen. And boy, was it delicious.

After lunch and some more shopping around, my cousin and I got our nails done! This is my first time getting Japanese style nail art done.The experience was an extremely positive one (although it was expensive). My nails now (I haven’t taken the gel off) is still in top notch condition (no chips or anything) and it’s been about a month now sine I’ve gotten them done. Speaking of which, I probably have to get them off this week or the next =[.

Below is my choice of nail design. I designed the nail art myself (of course, gathering inspiration from various places).

Below was my cousin’s choice of nail design. It has a very Little Twins Stars feel, doesn’t it?

After my cousin and I finished doing our nails (which took about two hours), we headed to Mister Donut, where we hung out to kill some time before meeting my uncle and aunt for dinner.

Look at our stash lol…

I also got a matcha latte. Needless to say, I was pretty full heading to dinner. Which was a pity, because dinner was spectacular.

Sorry, I can’t remember the name of this Japanese restaurant but I can say it was pretty delicious. For starters they give you this fish soup. There’s so much stuff in it, I can’t even name it all. But it was very good.

Then I got my chirashi bowl. This is the first time that I had a chirashi bowl that came with a raw egg on top. Quite interesting. It was really good and I wish I could eat this more often.

After dinner, my relatives took me to get my Taiwanese pineapple cake. I had planned to get these as souvenirs for my parents and relatives at home.

This place that we got the pineapple cakes is called Chia Te and it’s super popular in Taiwan. It closes at 9:30pm and I believe we got there at 9pm….and still, the lines were long. People don’t just go in and buy one or two. They buy boxes and boxes.

For the first time, I also bought a strawberry flavored cake. It was delicious but not as classic as the pineapple one. They also have cranberry and cherry I believe.

They made a special one for Jeremy Lin of course hehe. It must’ve been delicious.

Finally, on the day of my flight, my uncle’s coworker met me and gifted me with these two boxes of fruits from Taiwan. He told me to bring it with me to Hong Kong to give it to my relatives there. I didn’t know what kinds of fruits they were….

Until I opened them in Hong Kong…

To be honest, I don’t even remember what they’re called now. I found out from my relatives when we opened the boxes, but I can’t recall the names now. If any of you know, comment and let me know :). But I must say, these two fruits are just not my cup of tea. The red fruit’s texture is a little bit similar to a Washington apple, but less flavorful, less sweet, and more light. The green fruit’s texture inside is similar to a lychee. If you peal back the fruit with your hands (you don’t need any knives), you’ll see little bulbs of lychee looking things inside. Each little bulb has a big seed, like a lychee would. But the flavor is definitely not as distinct nor as good as the lychee.

Thanks for reading, everyone! The next few posts will be on Hong Kong. In the meantime, please “like” my facebook page and follow me on instagram!


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