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Living up my last day in Hong Kong

Hi everyone!

Ah, time sure passes by fast! This is going to be my last post about Hong Kong and the last post about my trip to Asia in general. I hope these past couple of travel posts have been amusing and enjoyable. As I end my trip in here, I made sure to do Hong Kong justice by–I’m sure by now you’re not surprised–eating, eating, and eating until I can eat no more! 

On my last full day in Hong Kong, I started out my day with a fresh-out-of-the-oven pineapple bun with egg. My aunt specially bought the bun in the morning from the bakery down the street and fried an egg for some added deliciousness. It was glorious, if you can’t already tell by the picture. I paired it with some organic soymilk. Yum. Breakfast in Hong Kong is always the best.

That day, I met up with my friend Albert again at TST. As we were walking to our lunch destination, I found this! Robot panda!

As you can see, it wasn’t actually not ready for public yet. It officially opened to public viewing the next week. But it was too cool not to take a picture with ipanda.

After some light shopping at the Mira Mall, we made our way to Mochi Cafe. I knew of this place thanks to the recommendation of my friend, Joanna. At this cafe, they specialize in stone pot udon. And let me tell you, it was deeeeelicious. Honestly, if someone asked me what was the best thing I ate during my whole trip, I’d say the udon from Mochi Cafe. I’m just sad I had this on my last day there!

Oh and be warned, the whole menu is in Chinese, so if you can’t read Chinese, bring someone who can. It’s worth it.

After that delicious meal, we went to Harbor City. This mall is the largest mall I’ve ever set foot in. It’s ridiculous. Albert and I walked around until we decided that it’s time for snack >:]

Again, thanks to the reminder of my friend Joanna, I realized that there was a Laduree in Hong Kong. Actually, that’s the reason why we decided to walk around Harbor City–for the macarons!! First, we got some macarons from the Jean-Paul Hévin – Chocolatier Pâtissier counter shop. It was super tempting to try them all, but we resisted and only got three…because we knew we’d do some damage at Laduree. Then, we went to Ladurée…and it was beautiful…

I was so excited. I got a box of eight in their super cute pink with polk-a-dots box. It was expensive but worth it. Afterwards, we went to a nearby Starbucks to sit and enjoy our macarons with some coffee.

Isn’t it a beauty? From Jean Paul Hevin, we got the pistachio, dark chocolate, and coffee flavored macarons. For Laduree, we got the rose petal, Marie Antoinette, strawberry marshmallow, red fruits, vanilla bean, chocolat, coffee, and citrus (I think). Albert and I halved them and tried all the flavors. My favorite was the rose petal <3. He liked the strawberry marshmallow.

After our sugary afternoon snack, we realized that it was already past 6pm and I had to meet my relatives for dinner. So we made our way to the TST MTR…

But first, we passed through this adorable Totoro shop!! How cute is this?!

Anyway, we made our way to the harbor and what do we see (besides the pollution…)?

A huuuuge Spiderman!! It was amazing ;) get it?

Last random pic before getting on the MTR!

On the way to the restaurant in Wan Chai, I spotted this…

I had no idea a San Francisco club existed here lol…

Anyway, my relatives and I ate at Nasubi, a Japanese restaurant owned by one of my cousin’s swim mates. The food was good, but I don’t think it was worth the price.

And with that, my trip came to an end. This whole trip and experience has been amazing. I am now more refreshed and ready to tackle on my next adventures in life. Thank you to all my friends who came out to meet with me during my stay in Hong Kong. You guys are the best!


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    • fvryeung

      Haha yup! Seeing that was the highlight of my day XD. A little boy climbed on top of the catbus and a worker in the store had to coerce him to get off. He started to cry lol. I guess he also loved the giant catbus haha.

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