Staying Warm in Spring

Hi everyone!

With a few more days till spring officially arrives, I thought this outfit would fit the occasion. It’s not exactly super warm here in the Bay Area, so I paired my floral dress and jacket with the addition of a thin scarf.

I was getting my iced vanilla latte one morning with some friends and saw this amazing wall with these vines growing in a sort of gradient fashion. It was so pretty, not to mention matching the outfit that I had on, that we decided to shoot a few pictures here for the blog. I haven’t been getting lots of sleep lately, so you can see the intense eye baggies I have here. It was around 8:30am on a Sunday that day, so you can see why I needed my coffee.

I’ve been drinking a lot more coffee lately, especially when there is a coffee shop every few blocks from where I work. I usually go for the usual vanilla latte or mocha. But sometimes I feel an itch for something new. I do like my coffee a little on the sweeter side though. Any good suggestions? Let me know!

:: Outfit Info ::
Jacket: Forever 21
Floral Dress: Forever 21

:: Jewelry and Accessories Info ::
Scarf: BP at Nordstrom
Ring: Kate Spade
Necklace: Swarovski


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