Golden Orange Smokey Eyes

Hi everyone!

Here’s a short and sweet post for you today. I wanted to do an autumn inspired makeup look–using colors of the changing leaves during this season. Funnily enough, my friend had suggested I do a fall inspired look…and she was expecting me to use green and brown, rather than orange and gold. I guess everyone has their own color palette ideas for this season, so I’ll probably do another makeup look using green and brown. I’m sure my friend would appreciate it :P. Continue reading Golden Orange Smokey Eyes

Smokey Eyes + Red Lips: Quick Mini Makeup Tutorial

Hi everyone!

In my pervious post, I had on a smokey neutral eyes look with bright red lips, and I thought I’d do a quick mini tutorial on how I created the look. So let’s on with this mini-tutorial! Continue reading Smokey Eyes + Red Lips: Quick Mini Makeup Tutorial

August Favorites

Hi guys!

I’m excited to share with you guys things I’ve been loving this month! In this post, I’m not going to be sharing with you some beauty products I’ve been loving (pictured above) but also things like music, movies, tv shows, and food. So let’s get started! Continue reading August Favorites

Makeup Monday: Fierce

Hi everyone!

Today I have a special kind of post for you guys. I thought it would be really fun to do a makeup-centric post this month (and hopefully every month too).  This look is definitely dramatic and not for the everyday.  I wanted to play with my liquid liner to create something over-dramatic, something I haven’t tried before. To make the look more playful (and less dark), I sandwiched the black eyeliner with a emerald green liner on top, and a bright gold shimmery liner in the inner eyes. If I had to give this look an artistic name, I’d call it, “the playful panda”.

Continue reading Makeup Monday: Fierce

July Favorites

Hi everyone!

Today I’m going to share with you some products I’ve been loving for the month of July :). These are not any new items in the market by any means, but I’ve been using these “old classics” a lot lately and thought I’d share my thoughts! Continue reading July Favorites

Getting fancy in Taiwan

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the rather late update. Here is the final post for Taiwan =D. My days in Taiwan were pretty chill, and I mostly just ate and shopped. The weather was pretty horrible during my stay there. I constantly had to carry an umbrella and jacket with me, as it can suddenly get rainy or windy very quickly. But besides that, I enjoyed my time in Taiwan and can’t wait to share my next batch of pictures with you guys =]. Continue reading Getting fancy in Taiwan

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