Getting fancy in Taiwan

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the rather late update. Here is the final post for Taiwan =D. My days in Taiwan were pretty chill, and I mostly just ate and shopped. The weather was pretty horrible during my stay there. I constantly had to carry an umbrella and jacket with me, as it can suddenly get rainy or windy very quickly. But besides that, I enjoyed my time in Taiwan and can’t wait to share my next batch of pictures with you guys =]. Continue reading Getting fancy in Taiwan

Taiwan: Line Convention

Hi everyone,

During my first day in Taipei, my penpal and I decided to attend the Line convention being held at the National Taiwan Science Education Center, a family museum located in the city’s Shilin District. Line is a Japan-based messaging service and they have these adorable stickers with characters that have developed a huge fan base. I thought since I happen to be in Taiwan, I should check this out. Continue reading Taiwan: Line Convention

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